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For Sports Coaches who
want to ensure an
optimal diet for their athletes.

Generate meal plans in an intuitive, automated, and 100% personalized way to meet your clients' needs.

Focus on what matters, supporting your clients towards achieving their goals.

Nectar, the most advanced nutrition software for health and wellness professionals.
    Developed with dietitian-nutritionists and researchers, Nectar offers comprehensive and personalized nutritional analyses.
    Simplify your practice with our intuitive application for quality nutritional recommendations.

All the science of nutrition.

In one single tool.

Quick and intuitive collection of dietary habits

Tedious dietary surveys? Provide your patients with an intuitive and automated way to record their diet.

Personalization of dietary plans

Your patients have preferences and needs unique to them. Achieve dietary prescription adherence through personalization.

Nutritional scoring and analysis

Smart scoring indicating deficiencies and areas for improvement in the current diet based on patient needs.

Personalized generation

List of personalized shopping and recipes to meet practically and optimally the patient's goals.

Nutrition is a major lever for health prevention.

Nectar works for healthy and personalized nutrition.

Engage and automate

Quick and intuitive collection of dietary habits

Facilitate the collection of dietary data with artificial intelligence and photo capture. Your patients can intuitively record their habits, eliminating tedious surveys. Nectar automates nutritional analysis for precise and personalized recommendations.

Tailor each plan

Personalization of dietary plans

Each patient is unique. With Nectar, personalize dietary plans based on your patients' preferences and specific needs.
Thanks to our streamlined databases and artificial intelligence, offer precise recommendations tailored to your patients' health goals, facilitating their adherence to the dietary prescription.

Analyze and improve

Nutritional scoring and analysis

Use our smart scoring system to identify nutritional deficiencies and areas for improvement.
Nectar analyzes your patients' dietary habits in real-time, providing detailed reports and recommendations based on accurate data to optimize their health and well-being.

Guide and support

Personalized generation

Nectar automatically generates shopping lists and personalized recipes based on each patient's dietary preferences and goals.
Provide practical and adapted solutions to easily integrate nutritional recommendations into their daily life without constraints.

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